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We are DAS

Our international team has been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes with their tax accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, Sales Tax, compliance and financial needs since 2007. Our goal? To deliver these services seamlessly and insightfully, to help you thrive.

We don’t believe in stale or stagnant services which simply tick boxes. Instead, we think services like ours should be proactive, fluid and flexible. That means sharing bright ideas based on our financial acumen, constantly innovating to keep you at the cutting edge and communicating closely to share essential information as your business evolves.

Who we work with

We have improved the finance function of businesses of all sizes, at every stage of their evolution and in a wide variety of industries. From startups seeking capital, to established organisations looking to outsource bookkeeping to an experienced team, we have tailor-made services to fit each unique client like a glove. Turning over $500m? Just starting out? We’re here to help.

What we do

We’re a “one stop shop”. Our flexible services include tax accountancy, compliance, bookkeeping, payroll, Sales Tax, tax advice, funding support, CFO provision and much more. It’s our job to fill gaps and deliver expertise not always available in-house, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally. We’re confident we can replace your existing functions with an even better and cheaper service.

But we’re much more than an outsourced CPA or bookkeeper. We like to get hands on with our clients, providing practical, personalised support at every stage.

How we do it

We’re always innovating & developing how we deliver our service to help you thrive. That means constantly originating new approaches and flagging up our professional insights into your finances. But what does that mean in practice…?

Cloud & automation

In the 21st Century, speed and convenience should be right at your fingertips. We’ve built both into our services and deliver much of what we do through easy-to-use, instantly accessible cloud-based solutions, automating and enhancing services wherever possible to make your life simple.

The Quickbooks tax accounting and auditing platform gives you instant access to all of our services, allowing for complete control and total transparency.

Quickbooks also allows us to innovate, using smart tools to automate many processes and to compile insightful reports generating impressive insights into your finances. Our CPAs and CFOs will draw on these to help advise and guide you.

Why us?

An active, hands-on approach isn’t the only thing which sets our services apart. From always being there when you need to talk finance, to providing best-in-class security, our service is founded on a belief in exceptional service, designed to meet modern demands. See more about our company ethos in DAS Promises.

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